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Why IA

Why IA

Visiting us is a unique experience that you should not miss

Integrated Automotive has prepared its headquarters in a modern and advanced style to be an exceptional experience for customers and visitors and a new concept for a company of trucks, buses, handling and lifting vehicles. As soon as the visitor enters the headquarters / management, he is dazzled by elegance, high-end designs, good service, speed of performance and cleanliness. It is worth noting that the headquarters was designed according to the best European specifications and conforms to the details of the manufacturer's headquarters in Germany and its corporate identity.

 • Welcome to IA
A specialized team receives the customer with absolute welcome and perfect service according to the highest levels and within a modern and comfortable environment that allows them to:
- Contact directly with customer service at any time for assistance
- Follow up on business and inquire about everything he needs to know about his vehicle
- Watching TV shows and surfing the Internet
Maintenance workshops and after-sales services

Service Center
Your vehicle is in good hands here
Integrated Automotive service center welcomes its customers in Naour area, and it is considered one of the best service centers among 1400 centers in the world. The company is keen to provide the highest standards of vehicles service in the Kingdom and the region.

Top Used Center in Zarqa Free Zone 
Welcome to the used vehicle sales center 
The company opened a sales center for Top Used vehicles in Zarqa Free Zone in 2009 and it was the first sales center for MAN used trucks in the Middle East.

 • Customer Service 
We care about you down to the smallest detail,
Integrated Automotive considers excellence in serving its customers, as it builds real and extended partnerships with each customer as an important pillar of its journey.
The company also considers itself as a permanent advisor to them through its keenness to communicate with them even after the sale, which enhances the company’s relationship with customers and their trust and loyalty to it. The company takes them on an exciting journey from the first moment the customer inspects the vehicle and continues with him as long as he is on the roads.

  Our Team

 One family unites us
In our performance and business, we depend on an efficient and trained work team, and an active and effective management, which is the basis on which the structure of the Integrated Automotive is built. The company is proud of a successful management team by all standards in terms of academic knowledge and field experience in corporate management. A team of qualified and trained experts and technicians also contribute to the advancement of the company, as they are deeply aware of the brands we provide, how the maintenance operations should be done. This team of administrators, engineers and employees has contributed to the success of the company, increasing its sales and raising its reputation among competitors.
The company is constantly working to improve the performance levels of its employees by subjecting them to training courses and workshops to provide them with more skills and to inform them of the most important global modern technologies.

 • Our Social Responsibility
The responsibility that the Integrated Automotive Company bears towards the local community is part of the company’s performance, and it does not consider it just a show, but rather follows these practices within well-thought-out strategies that are applied according to the needs of the community and what is good for its citizens. From here, the company was interested in contributing to the development of society by providing job opportunities for its children within positive and lively work environments that attract workers to production, giving, creativity and development.

The company adopts a long-term strategy to build a highly efficient and productive human resource base through cooperation with civil society institutions, including professional centers, universities, community colleges, and industrial schools. This strategy targets a select group of graduates and enrolls them in field training, a work plan and an annual program to qualify them and meet the labor market's talent needs.

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