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Vision - Mission - Values

Our Vision
Our success is to build and consolidate a real partnership with our customers.
Our Mission 
Selling and servicing high end brand trucks, vehicles and providing practical and integrated solutions with credibility and partnership.
Our Values 
We adhere to our solid values in all that we offer, as they are the firm foundation upon which we have built our company, and it is the approach and behavior that we adopt in all that we offer.

- Credibility: Honesty in dealing with our customers or partners is our capital and the reason for our permanence. We stay away from procrastination or complication in all our transactions.
- Transparency: We seek to provide our partners with all the adequate information required by them, away from any misleading or ambiguity.
- Excellence: We provide our various services uniquely and out of the ordinary and in a way that achieves customer expectations and satisfaction through sales, maintenance and service workshops in various regions of the Kingdom.
- Customer Service: The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern, so we listen, verify and improve our performance for the good and satisfaction of our partner.
- Affiliation: We consider ourselves a responsible national arm in all our activities and an integral part of our homeland and society.
- Safety: The safety of our customers and employees comes at the forefront of our priorities and we strive to provide them with safe products.

Our Goals and Directions
- Increased penetration of German MAN trucks, Boali forklifts and warehouse tools, Hangcha forklifts and handling tools and Volkswagen trucks in order to meet the needs of the local market.
- Expanding the infrastructure to create more exhibitions and maintenance workshops to allow the company to achieve its expansion and network plans.
- Providing integrated solutions for trucks, machinery and buses, and providing all technical support services to body manufacturers to reach a product that meets customer requirements and contributes to increasing the operational life of vehicles.
- Providing technical support to customers wherever they are and whenever they need it through the "Roadside Assistance" service available around the clock in various regions of the Kingdom. This service is provided through mobile maintenance workshops that are equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to carry out field maintenance operations.
- Benefiting from the advanced experiences of the international companies MAN, Boali, Hangcha and Volkswagen to make positive contributions to the local market.