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Volkswagen Truck & Bus

Volkswagen Truck & Bus

Commercial vehicles of high quality and efficiency

Volkswagen Truck & Bus was officially established on March 16, 2009, as a member of the TRATON group and manufacturer of Volkswagen and MAN commercial vehicles, with MAN SE (the parent company of the MAN Group) acquiring Volkswagen Truck & Bus.
Volkswagen offers a full range of trucks and buses sold in 30 countries in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
Volkswagen Truck & Bus has two factories, decisive factors for its success. The main production unit is in Resende, located 150 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Resende plant has already entered the history of the world automobile industry by introducing a modern management concept in the relationship between the manufacturer and its main suppliers: the Modular Consortium. In this production system, suppliers share the responsibility for assembling the vehicles with the company. The main advantages are higher productivity and quality levels and reduced costs. 
The partner companies are Maxion (chassis), Meritor (axles and suspension), Remon (wheel and tire set), Carese (paint), Aethra (cabin frame), Powertrain (engine) and Kroschu (cabin finish).


Volkswagen Truck & Bus IN JORDAN

Volkswagen Truck IN JORDAN

Volkswagen IN JORDAN

Volkswagen Truck & Bus